Together - Biblical Unity at It's Best!

Together – Biblical Unity at It’s Best!

This message leading up to Easter Week is encouraging us to practice the very manly characteristic of UNITY. Even Jesus did this!


3 Secrets that Will Make America Strong Again (ejq3)

Mr. President, what ever happened to God Bless America, The 10 Commandments and Prayer? Where did America leave that confidence, that “American Spirit” that we once had in our Great nation? Listen to this podcast as I answer these and many more questions.

Be a REAL MAN: A Beginner's Guide

Be a REAL MAN: A Beginner’s Guide (ejq3)

What makes a REAL MAN? Is it the way he dresses? Is it the way he smells or how strong he is? Or perhaps it is the size of his wallet or the kind of car or truck he drives. Whatever your idea of manliness is, Eduardo is about to turn it upside down in this thought provoking podcast. Listen at your own risk!